Following are easy steps to get free Google Play codes by Completing Offers, Spin Wheel, Daily Logins as well as Referring to your friends.

Earn Points

Earn points by completing offers, referring friends, daily bonuses, and many more on GPlayReward.

Use OfferWalls

Complete offers inside OfferWalls and earn faster points. Choose the best offers you want.

Spin & Win

Spin & Win is the best option for you to get faster points. You can use our Spin Wheel to earn more.

Daily Login

No offers for your country? We have a solution. Log in to GPlayReward daily and earn points bonus.

Refer and Earn

Refer to your friends and get faster points ever. You can use these points to get free Google Play codes.

Redeem Points

Once you collect enough points, you can redeem it in the exchange of free Google Play gift cards.

What is GPlayReward?

GPlayReward is not just a website but a community of those who want to earn free Google Play gift cards but unable to.

Why? Because there are so many scammers on the web and hence, it gets really difficult to find the right website to earn free things. But here, we do not believe in scamming and neither lying to our audience.

We believe in delivering the right product to them, and that’s the reason we are here with this website where one can earn as many Google Play gift cards as they want. But yes, for this, they have to work hard and take out some time to complete little tasks.



You can get more than free Google Play gift cards on GPlayReward.

Using Gift Card

Redeem your points in exchange for Google Play gift cards.

Using PayPal Money

Redeem your points in exchange for free PayPal money.

Using Bitcoin

Get free Bitcoins in exchange of points you have collected.

Via E-mail

E-mail us if you have a special requirement for the gift card.


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How to earn free Google Play gift cards?

Are you willing to earn free Google Play gift card? Then you need to pay attention to us for two minutes and read this carefully.

You understand that free things do not come for totally free. They require some cost, and this cost is your time. Yes, we don’t want money from us.

All we want is your time, and by spending some time with us, you will be able to earn free Google Play redeem codes. You can play our games, complete our surveys, download the apps and do a lot more but by following our terms and conditions and by this, you will be able to earn points which will get free Google Play gift cards.

How to redeem Google Play gift cards?

In most of the cases when you are done completing the tasks and earn enough points, you start worrying about how you can redeem it, but that’s easy.

You have to keep it clear and easy. All you need to do is to complete tasks and earn enough points to redeem a specific card. You will see how many points you need, and by giving those points, you can redeem the gift card.

The process is not very quick but is easy. It will take 24-48 working hours to process the gift card code to you, but one thing is for sure that you will receive it soon.