Are you looking for the top best podcast app for Android? Please read it further.
In this era of technology, when everything is getting digitalized, people are more into the apps, and one such app which is trending is podcast apps.

These apps are trending all around and are being demanded by the people who love music, newsfeed, audiobooks, audio programs, funny videos, etc.

If we talk about the word Podcast, which is different yet interesting, it has originated from two words iPod and Broadcast. And pretty much, it makes the job easier for those who are new with this app.

What are Podcast Apps?

Podcasts apps are basically the episodic series of spoken word digital audio files that a user can download and listen to easily. In other words, we can call it an audio storyteller.

If you are someone who likes listening to music, stories, news and etc. You should download the Podcast app so that you can download them and listen to them.

List of 15 Best Podcast Apps for Android

After looking at the craze of Podcast apps in almost every country, we have decided to come up with the list where we will mention the top 15 best podcast apps available for Android users. So let us look at the list.

1. Podcast Player

Podcast Player


Podcast Player is one of the best-known podcast app people use for their Android devices. From streaming music to audiobooks, everything is available in this app.

If you are interested in music, you can always enjoy your taste of music in this app. Additionally, you don’t have to limit yourself to music only. You also can also watch videos related to internet activities, history, technology, relaxation, yoga, and even psychology.

All of them are available here for free of cost. It has more than 340 podcasts to choose from. If you are interested in religious books, you also can read historical myths and books like the bible, Quran and etc. all over, it is a great deal to get everything for free.

2. Podcast Republic

Podcast Republic


Another name in the list of 15 best podcast apps for Android is the Podcast Republic. This app is one of the famous apps we have, and you can manage it on the gadgets in one app only.

Thanks to its feature of getting sync on multiple devices, you can easily switch the devices without disturbing what you are listening to. For e.g., if you have started listening to a song on your smartphone, you can continue it on your tablet easily.

This application is also comfortable in audiobooks, playback of podcasts, playlist on Android devices, and YouTube channels. It supports both audio and video podcasts. All you need to do is to subscribe and watch anything you want to in one touch.

You also can save the episodes and specific videos you want to watch later. The major highlight of the app is that it works in many languages such as English, Chinese, Russian, Italian and etc.

It also supports auto and Chromecast. Also, it has Bluetooth support and a sleep mode so that you can turn off the music automatically.

3. Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts


Pocket Casts is again a good name to mention in this list of 15 best podcast apps for Android. It will let you synchronize the subscriptions between the devices. You can also start a timer and create a playlist of your choice, and also, you can control the playback speed.

It is a good choice for those who focus on drowning out the background sounds, the volume of the speech, and so as it has some smart filters available for everyone through which they can manage the episode streams.

However, the downside we have seen is that there is no radio and built-in equalizer in the pocket cast due to which we think that it lacks behind from the other name in the list.

4. Podcast Go

Podcast Go


Podcast Go is a completely free Android application through which you can listen to your choice podcast easily. If we see the numbers, it has around 300,000 podcasts available, which is huge.

All of them are from different categories, including health, education, business, children, games, entertainment, humor and etc. You can choose the one you want to make it easier, you can also search it from the filters such as trends and popularity.

It also has a built-in player who can make you control the playback from the notification panel itself, even if the screen is locked. All over, it is a great option to consider if you are interested in downloading a podcast app.

5. DoggCatcher Podcast Player

DoggCatcher Podcast Player


Don’t judge it by its name. It is really an effective podcast app for Android. It is an app developed by the famous Doggcatcher studio with the intention of downloading both audio and video podcasts from the app.

The app is easy. You can download it or play it live, as per your choice. And if you are someone who likes reading the news, it is possible too. It has a big collection with different genres of audio and video files. You can always select the one you want.

This app comes with a setting so that it can automatically delete the old releases and update the new one. The major highlight of the app is that you can also take the backup or restore the files again in your memory card. Due to this feature, this app stands out from the list and is one of the best choices for podcast apps lovers.

6. Google Podcasts

Google Podcasts


Google Podcast is a product of Google for its Android users. Since the name Google is associated with it, you can not doubt its authenticity for sure.

Google has launched it after the years of testing and trying. You can listen to the podcasts free of cost, and also, through the app, you can download the videos, subscribe to them, and listen to them offline as well.

You can sync the app with all the Android devices and continue playing the video from one device to another without any disturbance. Apart from this, features like skipping the pauses, adding the personal favorite recommendations, and playback speeds are also in the app.

Since the app is free of cost, you don’t require any subscription to anything. All you have to do is to download the app and listen to the audio/video you want to.

7. BeyondPod Podcast Manager

BeyondPod Podcast Manager


If you are eagerly waiting to get the music and video episodes from the known publishers of all time, then downloading the app called BeyondPod Podcast manager is the best option for you. Here, you can download any episode and watch it for free. It has a big collection of podcasts from all around the globe.

Their collection is huge, and so as their number of users is. The best thing is you can watch the content without needing the internet too. You also can customize the playlist according to your own taste.

You can find many channels and go through their library too. Apart from this, importing your files and playing them is also possible. Even though the app comes with too many features like setting headset buttons, automatic downloading, it is still an easy app to use.

8. TuneIn Radio



TuneIn Radio is an app where you can listen to many radio stations and podcasts for free. You can set around 40 thousand stations to listen to what you wanted to. Be it financial analytic, classical music, Christian radio, or news, and it has everything. The features like support for export and video playback and good settings will not be there.

With one click, you will be able to listen to the music you want to. Even if it is buffering, your song will not get disturbed by the same. It is being used by more than 5 million users every month.

Features such as sleep timer, subscription synchronization, episode autoload describe why people choose TuneIn over other podcast apps available in this list.

9. Castbox



CastBox has been a name known by many. The app is indeed the largest app for listening to your favorite song. If you want to keep updated with the latest things, then you should download this app for sure.

It has all the latest material available and is serving in many countries too. It is also available in many languages such as Arabic, English, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Urdu, and many more. In total, there are 70 languages.

Be it listening to an old song from the latest one, and everything is available in the app. You need to use the app for doing the searches, or you can go to the specific categories as well. You can even download the files and listen to them offline too.

Since it is free of cost and has a variety of podcasts in it, people prefer it over any other app. One more feature we would like to tell you is their notification one. Yes, whenever a new video/audio gets released, you will get a notification.

10. Podcast App

Podcast App


Podcast app has more than 300 thousand different podcasts to listen to in it. This app is completely free of cost, and also, you don’t have to bear any ads.

One more good thing about the app is that you can also customize the look of the app by using the screen themes you can choose with an AMOLED display in your Android device.

You can use this app in offline mode as well. But for the same, you need to download the music when you are online and save it for later. It has many features like night mode, advanced search options, silence, volume control and etc. You can use it with many devices like Android Auto, Android Wear, Chromecast and etc.

11. Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict


Podcast Addict will, for sure, make you an addict of listening to the podcasts. This app has a huge number of podcasts network available with all the possible genres.
Using the app is also very easy as it has a friendly UI with many language support available.

Once you download it, you will be able to understand how it works. Even if you want to find something specific, you can do a search and get it.

It also shows the important details of the channels like name, logo, picture, number of programs, about the channel, and last updated as well. Filtering is also available in the app. You can download the videos you like and watch it later offline as well.

Apart from this, editing and creating your own playlist is also available by simply doing drag and drop. Even though the app is completely free for all, but if you want to get rid of the ads, you can use their premium version as well.

12. DoublePod Podcasts

DoublePod Podcasts


With more than 250,000 recordings, DoublePod Podcast is one of those podcast apps that is big and offers free recordings, audiobooks, and videos. The app is completely free of cost but has ads in it.

The app has three options, popular recording, added podcast, and top channels. You can sort the content accordingly. It also offers a country selection so that you can choose your language and content.

For doing a search, there is enough space and options given through which you can make a search of your preferred content. Features like a set of control to rewind, regional choice of settings, selection of notifications, downloading options are some of the things that make this app worthy.

13. PodStore



PodStore is an audio player which is very basic and simple. It is no fancy app unlike others on the list, which has a big list, collection, and a lot more information given. You are not going to find such things in this app.

All it has is the name of the podcast and the time. The customized menu is the highlight of the app where you can filter with RSS/FEED channels, country, genre and etc. You are allowed to download the podcasts and share them with your friends too.

Also, there is an option of notification that you will get every time something new is released. All over, it is a simple app that has a very basic UI with the integrated podcast search and features that are required.

14. Podkicker Podcast Player

PodKicker Podcast Player


PodKicker is an easy app available for Android. You can simply use it even if you are a newbie. It is free, compact, and easy.

It can work with podcast feeds and news and can also download the OPML list. The app is free and simple and hence many things that it isn’t worth as compared to the others on the list. However, its feature of search podcasts via Google Maps is something that you can not find in other podcast apps.

Basic features such as bookmarks option, downloading the videos, watching them later are available in the app. All over, it is good if you are not looking for a variety.

15. Stitcher



Last but not least, if you are waiting for an all-rounder podcast app for Android, look no further, Stitcher is here. It is an app famous for its modern design and features. The app is a very light weighted one and is easy to use.

You can have a good number of shows, audiobooks, and podcasts in this app. It has more than 150,000 programs with different genres.

It is integrated by the smart speaker and has features like customizing the podcast playlist, sleep timer, personalized front page, and in-card play. It is completely free with all the features you will need in a podcast app.


So this is all about the best 15 podcast app for Android. We have mentioned both free and paid podcast apps for all Android users. All of these apps are trustworthy, and you can use them without any issue.

Most of the apps we have mentioned are free, and hence, you do not need to pay for the same. If you are also a fan of listening to music, then please look at the list and download the most suitable podcast app for Android.